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Peak Demand and Electricity Consumption

The analysis covers all of the Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) projects that are deploying advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), direct load control programs, time-based rate programs, and consumer information and control technologies, such as in-home displays, web portals, and programmable communicating thermostats to affect the timing and magnitude of the consumption of electricity by customers.

The key analysis question concerns how, and to what extent, do these devices and programs result in reductions and/or shifts in peak demand and reductions in overall levels of electricity consumption? Analysis objectives include:

  • Evaluating how smart meters, time-based rates, information and education offering such as web-based portals, and customer devices such as programmable controllable thermostats, in-home displays, and direct load control devices:
    • Reduce the level peak demand
    • Shift peak demand to off-peak periods;
    • Result in lower levels of overall electricity consumption.
  • Quantify how changes in electricity usage patterns and pricing affect customer electricity bills, fuel mixes for electricity generation, and power plant emissions.

Program Reports