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The number of customer devices that have been installed and made operational through the Smart Grid Demonstration Program . Customer devices are often used with smart meters to provide information that enables customers and utilities to manage energy usage. Information on the customer devices installed in this program is presented n the table below.

SGDP Program Customer System Asset Expenditures

Deployed as of December 31, 2014

Updated March 11, 2015

Customer System Assets


Incurred Cost**

In home displays



Direct load control devices



Programmable communicating thermostats



Smart appliances



IT hardware, systems, and applications that
enable CS features and functionalities



Other customer system related costs



Total customer system cost



* In some circumstances, costs are incurred before devices are installed resulting in a reported cost where the quantity is zero.

Projects only report data on devices they plan to install. Each project installs equipment that best supports their individual goals. Therefore, the number of projects reporting is expected to vary by equipment category. The individual project reporting pages show what equipment that project is installing.

** All dollar figures are the total cost, which is the sum of the federal investment and cost share of the recipient (the recipient cost share must be at least 50% of the total overall project cost).


The location, information, and data for each smart grid project are provided in this section.
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These reports include analysis, impacts, lessons learned, best practices, analytical tools, and case studies that were supported by the Recovery Act Smart Grid Programs.
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