Key Publications

A comprehensive list of programmatic reports, Grid Impacts, Benefits, and Lessons Learned, is available. This document includes all program publications developed by Office of Electric Delivery and Energy Reliability for the SGIG and SGDP activities.

Additional publications can be accessed through the Smart Grid Resource Center.


Proceedings and Presentations

Smart Grid Investment Grant Program (SGIG)

SGIG Reports on Technology Applications and Results

SGIG Reports on Technology Applications and Results Date AMI Demand Management AMI Operations Distribution Automation Volt/VAR Transmission Grid Integration
Demand Reductions from the Application of Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Pricing Programs, and Customer-Based Systems - Initial Results Dec. 2012            
Operations and Maintenance Savings from Advanced Metering Infrastructure - Initial Results Dec. 2012            
Reliability Improvements from the Application of Distribution Automation Technologies - Initial Results Dec. 2012            
Application of Automated Controls for Voltage and Reactive Power Management - Initial Results Dec. 2012            
Synchrophasor Technologies and their Deployment in the Recovery Act Smart Grid Programs Aug. 2013            
Model Validation Using Synchrophasor - NASPI Technical Workshop Oct. 2013            
PMU Data Flows in North America Mar. 2014            
Phasor Tools Visualization – NASPI Technical Workshop Jun. 2014            
Synchrophasor Technology and Renewables Integration - NASPI Technical Workshop Jun. 2014            
Use of IEC 61850-90-5 to Transmit Synchrophasor Information According to IEEE 73.118: NASPI Tutorial (October 16, 2012 – August 2014 Update) Aug. 2014            
Customer Participation in the Smart Grid – Lessons Learned Sep. 2014            
Municipal Utilities' Investment In Smart Grid Technologies Improves Services and Lowers Costs Oct. 2014            
Factors Affecting PMU Installation Costs Oct. 2014            
Smart Grid Investments Improve Grid Reliability, Resilience, and Storm Response Nov. 2014            
Evaluating Electric Vehicle Charging Impacts and Customer Charging Behaviors - Experiences from Six Smart Grid Investment Grant Projects Dec. 2014            
Fault Location, Isolation, and Service Restoration Technologies Reduce Outage Impact and Duration Dec. 2014            

SGIG Consumer Behavior Studies (CBS)

See the Consumer Behavior Section for the complete list of CBS documents, including DOE guidance documents and the recipients' evaluation reports.

Smart Grid Demonstration Program

See the Regional Demonstration Projects Section and the Energy Storage Demonstration Projects Section for the complete lists of reports, including the Technology Performance Reports provided by the SGDP recipients.

Case Studies

See the Features Case Studies Section for the complete list of case studies.