Energy Storage Demonstration projects involve a variety of technologies including advanced batteries, flywheels, and underground compressed air systems. These projects are demonstrating a variety of size ranges and system configurations and their impacts on the grid. Technical and economic performance is being evaluated for a variety of applications including load shifting, ramping control, frequency regulation services, voltage smoothing, distributed energy, and the grid integration of renewable resources such as wind and solar power.

Interim and final Technology Performance Reports (TPRs) are submitted by the recipients to DOE. Each TPR contains the following information:

  • An overview of the project including a list of objectives, system designs, schedules and milestones, and interactions with project stakeholders.
  • Descriptions of the technologies and systems used in the project, including the sizes, types, and configurations of the storage module, power conversion devices, and balance of plant equipment.
  • Descriptions of the methodologies and algorithms for estimating the physical and financial performance of the energy storage systems, their grid impacts, and the value of the benefits.
  • Summaries of the results of the performance of the systems and technologies derived from lab tests, field tests, or grid-connected applications.
  • Summaries of the results of the analysis of grid impacts and estimation of benefits.
  • Summary of the major finding and conclusions including lessons learned and best practices.
  • Summary of future plans and next steps with respect to additional testing, demonstration, or deployment.

The schedule for the publication of the Energy Storage TPRs is shown in the table below.


The Technology Performance Reports for the Energy Storage projects are shown in the table below.

Project Lead
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Project Title
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Technology Performance Reports
Project Description Interim Report Final Report
Amber Kinetics Demonstration of a Flywheel System for Low Cost, Bulk Energy Storage                           ---
Aquion Energy Demonstration of Sodium-ion Battery for Grid-level Applications              ---             
Beacon Power Corporation Beacon Power 20MW Flywheel Frequency Regulation Plant              --- ---
City of Painesville Painesville Municipal Power Vanadium Redox Battery Demonstration Program              --- ---
Detroit Edison Company Detroit Edison's Advanced Implementation of A123s Community Energy Storage Systems for Grid Support              --- ---
Duke Energy Business Services Notrees Wind Storage              --- ---
East Penn Manufacturing Grid-Scale Energy Storage Demonstration for Ancillary Services Using the UltraBatteryTM Technology                           ---
Ktech Corp Flow Battery Solution for Smart Grid Renewable Energy Applications              --- ---
New York State Electric & Gas Corporation Advanced CAES Demonstration 150 MW Plant Using an Existing Salt Cavern              ---             
Pacific Gas & Electric Advanced Underground CAES Demonstration Project Using a Saline Porous RockFormation as the Storage Reservoir              --- ---
Premium Power Distributed Energy Storage System Demonstration              --- ---
Primus Power Corporation Wind Firming EnergyFarm™              --- ---
Public Service Company of New Mexico (PNM) PV Plus Battery for Simultaneous Voltage Smoothing and Peak Shifting                                       
Seeo Inc Solid State Batteries for Grid-Scale Energy Storage              --- ---
Southern California Edison Tehachapi Wind Energy Storage Project              --- ---
SustainX Demonstration of Isothermal Compressed Air Energy Storage to Support Renewable Energy Production                           ---