Smart meters: separating fact from fiction

Video courtesy of Shedding a Light

Utilities across the nation are investing in digital energy technology that until recently wasn’t available for the power grid. For years, utilities have relied on mechanical switches, relays and meters that required hands-on operation and maintenance. This mechanical equipment has performed well, but in a time when consumers can set their home alarms with their iPhones, program DVRs from their computers and wirelessly stream their iTunes catalog through speakers installed on their back decks, utilities that operate electric and gas distribution systems have some work ahead of them to catch up to the digital age.

That work is underway across the nation, but it is being hampered by a very vocal few who are successfully using scare tactics and social media to stall and, in some instances, stop digital deployments in certain states.

Their claims are numerous, but two claims in particular that are getting the most traction include: 1) invasion of privacy and 2) radio frequency exposure from digital meters. Some anti-smart meter advocates are even encouraging their audiences to remove meters from their homes (which is highly dangerous) or recommending customers threaten anyone trying to install a digital meter (which is illegal).

To set the record straight, the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) has launched a YouTube video, included below, that aims to separate the facts from the fiction that’s promulgating throughout social media.

The video is a result of collaboration among consumer groups, advocates, utilities and technology providers who believe the country’s energy infrastructure needs to move into the modern age without anyone feeling as if their perspective or their priorities have been ignored. We are not actors or spies. We are energy professionals and consumers who recognize and promote the benefits of technology, and we strongly believe that modernizing today’s electric grid with digital equipment is the most effective way for utilities to keep up with the growing energy needs and expectations of consumers.

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