The Consumer Behavior Studies are an opportunity to advance the electricity industry’s understanding of consumer behavior through the application of statistically rigorous experimental methods.

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SGIG recipients undertaking consumer behavior studies are obligated to develop consumer behavior study plans that meet DOE standards in the Guidance Documents for the Consumer Behavior Studies. In addition, each recipient is responsible for conducting their own evaluations and submitting reports that summarize results. DOE is also conducting cross-study analysis to evaluate impacts on peak demand, total electricity use and consumer acceptance and retention.

Participating Utilities
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Study Description
Evaluation Reports
Interim Final
Central Vermont Public Service to "Green Mountain Power" --eEnergy Vermont                           ---
Detroit Edison - SmartCurrents Home Project                                       
FirstEnergy - Smart Grid Modernization Initiative                           ---
Lakeland Electric - Smart Metering Infrastructure Initiative              --- ---
Marblehead Municipal Light Department - Residential Dynamic Pricing Pilot Project                                       
Minnesota Power - AMI Behavioral Research                           ---
NV Energy -- Nevada Dynamic Pricing Trial of the Advanced Services Delivery Project              --- ---
Oklahoma Gas and Electric - Smart Study TOGETHER                                       
Sacramento Municipal Utility District - SmartSacramento Project                                       
Vermont Transco, LLC - eEnergy Vermont                           ---


Program Reports