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Whirlpool Corporation

Smart Appliance Project


The Whirlpool Smart Appliance Project developed and marketed smart grid kitchen appliances and management protocols that allow Whirlpool appliances to interact with the U.S. grid system, wifi internet cloud systems, and smart device applications. The scope of work included obtaining inputs from the electric utility industry, consumers, and smart grid communications companies. Whirlpool designed wifi, smart phone, and cloud communications apps, installed and tested them in the appliances, obtained the tooling, and manufactured new Smart 6th Sense LiveTM refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers, and clothes dryers.

Contact Information

Christopher Quatrochi
Global Director, User Experience and Connectivity
Whirlpool Corporation

Recipient: Whirlpool Corporation (Smart Appliance Project)
HQ State: Michigan
NERC Region: RFC
Total Budget: $38,662,265
Federal Share: $19,115,410
Funding Program:
Project Type:
Targeted Benefits:
  • Reduced Peak Consumption