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Savannah Technical College

Electric Utility Industry Workforce Development


Savannah Technical College, in collaboration with regional electric power companies and Savannah State University (SSU), is developing and delivering courses in electrical utility technology to address the shortage of qualified utility technicians and mid-level technical personnel in Southeast Georgia and the South Carolina Low country. The program will include an Advanced Technician certificate track and an Associate degree track. Incorporation of emerging trends differentiates this program through instruction on Smart Grid, mini-grids, renewable energy, and utility tie-in of distributed sources. Expertise will be enlisted from industry, academia, and vocational/ technical education. Training will be integrated into existing trade and apprenticeship programs. The curriculum increases the number of well-trained, technically-current and certified electric utility technical personnel; enables electric utilities to expand and embrace emerging technology; contributes to the increase in per capita income in the service area by upgrading skills; and equips program graduates with technical knowledge that enables them to succeed in baccalaureate degree programs in electric power-related disciplines.

Contact Information

Deborah Buterbaugh
Project Manager
National Energy Technology Laboratory
3610 Collins Ferry Road
Morgantown, WV 26507-0880

Mariam Dittmann
Principal Investigator
Savannah Technical College
5717 White Bluff Road
Savannah, GA 31405-5521

Recipient: Savannah Technical Colleg
HQ State: Georgia
NERC Region:
Total Budget: $948,793
Federal Share: $695,100
Funding Program:
Project Type:
Targeted Benefits:
  • 10 percent of workforce needs met
  • 20 percent displaced workers retained per year
  • 80 percent of program graduates will be employed
  • Career advancement through skill upgrades
  • Increased number of nationally certified employees

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