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Qualcomm Atheros, Inc.

HomePlug Green PHY Integrated Circuit Development


Through this HomePlug Green Physical Layer (PHY) Integrated Circuit Development project (“HomePlug”), Qualcomm Atheros, Inc. (Qualcomm Atheros) is developing a compliant power line communications (PLC) solution to support smart grid functionality in a wide range of equipment including: advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), smart meters, smart appliances, electric transportation, and home area network peripheral devices. The objectives of the project involve developing a PLC integrated circuit for use in AMI smart meters and customer systems that is fully interoperable with IEEE 1901 and HomePlug equipment, reducing the material and manufacturing costs of the circuit as well as reducing the device power consumption. With the development of this new device, Qualcomm Atheros is offering efficient and cost-effective home area networking connectivity options for meters and customer system providers, which reduces implementation costs for both power companies and customers.

Contact Information

Jim Zyren
Director of Marketing
Qualcomm Atheros, Inc.


Recipient: Qualcomm Atheros, Inc. (HomePlug Green PHY Integrated Circuit Development)
HQ State: California
Total Budget: $9,109,600
Federal Share: $4,554,800
Funding Program:
Project Type:
Targeted Benefits:
  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • Reduced Product Costs