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Oklahoma Gas & Electric

Positive Energy Smart Grid Integration Program


The Oklahoma Gas and Electric (OG&E) program involves system-wide deployment of a fully integrated advanced metering system, distribution of in-home devices to almost 6,000 customers, and installation of advanced distribution automation systems. The program is a partnership with customers, aimed at reducing peak loads, overall electricity use, and operations and maintenance costs while increasing distribution system efficiency, reliability, and power quality. The program implements secure wireless communications to: 1) allow smart meter customers to view their electricity consumption data at any time through a personalized Web site (study participants are testing other visual displays), and 2) allow OG&E to manage, measure, and verify targeted demand reductions during peak periods. New systems capture meter information for billing and implement new customer pricing programs and service offerings. The project deploys a more dynamic distribution management system, automated switching, and integrated voltage and reactive power control (IVVC) that reduces line losses, reduces operational costs, and improves service reliability. The program also includes a study of consumer behavior in response to different forms of dynamic pricing and home area network smart technology on an opt-in basis. Finally, the program includes collaboration with University of Oklahoma faculty and students to deploy technologies within 46 buildings on the Norman, Oklahoma, campus and to take advantage of opportunities for education and training.

Contact Information

Harry Emerson
Director Business Management
Oklahoma Gas & Electric

Sandra Longcrier
Manager Smart Grid Marketing & Messaging Program
Oklahoma Gas & Electric

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Recipient: Oklahoma Gas & Electric (Positive Energy Smart Grid Integration Program)
HQ State: Oklahoma
NERC Region: SPP
Total Budget: $293,201,332
Federal Share: $130,000,000
Funding Program:
Project Type:
Targeted Benefits:
  • Reduced Electricity Costs for Customers
  • Reduced Operating and Maintenance Costs
  • Increased Electric Service Reliability and Power Quality
  • Deferred Investment in Generation, Transmission, and Distribution Capacity Expansion
  • Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions