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Enhanced Demand and Distribution Management Regional Demonstration
Electric distribution system % Description
Portion of distribution system with SCADA due to SGIG/SGD program 0.00%
Portion of distribution system with DA due to SGIG/SGD program 0.00%
DA devices installed and operational Quantity* Description Cost
Automated feeder switches 0 $0
Automated capacitors 0 $0
Automated regulators 0 $0
Feeder monitors 0 $0
Remote fault indicators 0
Transformer monitors (line) 0 $0
Smart relays 0
Fault current limiter 0 $0
Other devices $56,236
SCADA and DA communications network Cost
Communications equipment and SCADA $7,666
Distribution management systems integration Integrated Description
Outage management system No
Distributed energy resource interface No
Distribution automation features / functionality Function enabled Description
Fault location, isolation and service restoration (FLISR) No
Voltage optimization No
Feeder peak load management No
Microgrids No
Other functions No

* In some circumstances, costs are incurred before devices are installed resulting in a reported cost where the quantity is zero.

* All dollar figures are the total cost, which is the sum of the federal investment and cost share of the recipient (the recipient cost share must be at least 50% of the total overall project cost).

** In some cases the number of entities reporting is greater than the total number of projects funded by the Recovery Act because some projects have multiple sub-projects that report data. View list of sub-projects.