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El Paso Electric Company

Distribution Automation Project
Recipient information Input
Total number of customers served by utility / utilities supporting the project 364,907
Total number of residential customers served by utility / utilities supporting the project 328,553
Total number of commercial customers served by utility / utilities supporting the project 36,306
Total number of industrial customers served by utility / utilities supporting the project 48
Total number of distribution circuits within utility service territory 250
Total number of distribution substations 79
Portion of distribution system with SCADA prior to SGIG/SGD program
Portion of distribution system with distribution automation (DA) prior to SGIG/SGD program
Electric distribution system % Description
Portion of distribution system with SCADA due to SGIG/SGD program 1.00% This project consists of 8 distribution feeders, which all have SCADA . This...
Portion of distribution system with DA due to SGIG/SGD program 2.60% This project automated all feeders within this project and will are the only DA...
DA devices installed and operational Quantity* Description Cost
Automated feeder switches 13 100% of the Santa Teresa and Van Horn DA devices are in place and in service. DA devices include Cooper Reclosers, SEL/G&W Reclosers, SATEC meters and SEL 351s relays. $206,136
Automated capacitors
Automated regulators 0
Feeder monitors 6 $74,789
Remote fault indicators 8
Transformer monitors (line) $16,523
Smart relays 8
Fault current limiter
Other devices 8 $151,429
SCADA and DA communications network Cost
Communications equipment and SCADA $241,157
Distribution management systems integration Integrated Description
Outage management system No
Distributed energy resource interface
Distribution automation features / functionality Function enabled Description
Fault location, isolation and service restoration (FLISR) Yes The distribution automation system will include a Fault Detection, Isolation,...
Voltage optimization Yes For voltage optimization, new reverse power flow capable voltage regulators were...
Feeder peak load management Yes The DA system manages the automated feeder loads by monitoring over load conditions...
Other functions

* In some circumstances, costs are incurred before devices are installed resulting in a reported cost where the quantity is zero.

* All dollar figures are the total cost, which is the sum of the federal investment and cost share of the recipient (the recipient cost share must be at least 50% of the total overall project cost).

** In some cases the number of entities reporting is greater than the total number of projects funded by the Recovery Act because some projects have multiple sub-projects that report data. View list of sub-projects.