Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.

Secure Interoperable Open Smart Grid Demonstration Project


The Consolidated Edison Company of New York and its partners is demonstrating a secure, interoperable, open Smart Grid that reduces electric demand and increases energy reliability and efficiency. The demonstration project, in New York City and its New York and New Jersey suburbs, has one of the highest load densities in the world representing a complex and diverse test bed, including critical organizations such as Wall Street, the Federal Reserve, major medical facilities, and hubs for national and global communications. Distributed storage, advanced metering infrastructures, home area networks, photovoltaics, and electric vehicle charging equipment will be demonstrated. Customers will have the ability to make decisions regarding the duration and type of energy used—including solar power—and be able to sell it back to the grid when generating surplus power. New technologies demonstrated include a rules-based dashboard for control center operators, a risk management engine to facilitate efficient operation, a transmission decision management engine that aggregates electricity supply data, an adaptive stochastic controller, and an intelligent maintenance system.

Contact Information

Thomas George 
Project Manager 
National Energy Technology Laboratory 
3610 Collins Ferry Road 
Morgantown, WV 26507-0880 

Tom Magee 
Principal Investigator 
Consolidated Edison Company of 
New York 
4 Irving Place 
New York, NY 10003-3502 

Recipient: Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. (Secure Interoperable Open Smart Grid Demonstration Project)
HQ State: New York
NERC Region:
Total Budget: $92,388,217
Federal Share: $45,388,291
Funding Program:
Project Type:
Targeted Benefits:
  • Job growth
  • Customers save money
  • Dependency on foreign oil reduced
  • Catastrophic security breaches prevented
  • CO2 emissions reduced
  • Energy generation diversity increased