City of Quincy, FL

Smart Grid Project

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The City of Quincy, Florida (Quincy) Smart Grid Project involves the installation of new smart meters, supporting communication infrastructure, and advanced service programs for customers across its entire customer base. The project includes: 1) implementing two-way communication and utility applications to enable customers to view their energy consumption at their convenience through the customer’s Web portal, 2) deploying monitoring devices, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and load control systems to Quincy’s distribution system, and 3) adding demand response programs to all customer classes including programmable communicating thermostats capable of cycling air-conditioning units with no manual intervention.

Recipient: City of Quincy, FL (Smart Grid Project)
HQ State: Florida
Total Budget: $4,942,082
Federal Share: $2,471,041
Funding Program:
Project Type: