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American Transmission Company

Phasor Measurement Unit Project
Electric transmission system Portion Description
Portion of transmission system covered by phasor measurement systems 8.80%
Phasor measurement systems Quantity* Description Cost
PMUs 49 We validated our last remaining project PMU (the 2nd PMU at a station) in Oct... $2,688,762
Phasor data concentrators 0 Added 3 new PDCs under the MISO Smart Grid Synchrophasor project. One redundant... $0
Communications network
Other transmission assets   Quantity* Description Cost
Dynamic Capability Rating System (DCRS)
- Transmission Lines
Other transmission assets
Other transmission assets
Other transmission assets
Advanced transmission applications operational    Operational Description Cost
Angle/frequency monitoring 0 Implemented Alstom PhasorPoint application which is operating in our development network at this time with all 100+ PMUs feeding data. Still working with Alstom on EMS integration issues which need to be addressed before this goes into production environment. $331,458
Post-mortem analysis (including compliance monitoring) No
Voltage stability monitoring
Thermal overload monitoring
Improved state estimation No
Steady-state model benchmarking No
DG/IPP applications
Power system restoration No

* In some circumstances, costs are incurred before devices are installed resulting in a reported cost where the quantity is zero.

* All dollar figures are the total cost, which is the sum of the federal investment and cost share of the recipient (the recipient cost share must be at least 50% of the total overall project cost).

** In some cases the number of entities reporting is greater than the total number of projects funded by the Recovery Act because some projects have multiple sub-projects that report data. View list of sub-projects.