• Smart meters: separating fact from fiction

    Video courtesy of Shedding a Light Utilities across the nation are investing in digital energy technology that until recently wasn’t available for the power grid. For years, utilities have relied on mechanical switches, relays and meters that required hands-on operation and maintenance. This mechanical equipment has performed well, but in a time when consumers...(more)

  • Infographic from Salt River Project

    This article is courtesy of (more)

  • The Smart Grid will transform the way your City works

    Article courtesy of Mashable Tech Urban populations grow larger every day. Researchers predict that nearly 75% of the world’s population will live in cities by the year 2050. As a result of this continued growth, there’s a need — and a demand — for cities to build smarter infrastructures to ensure reliable operations and provide consistent, sustainable...(more)

  • Smart Grid Implementation in Sacramento

      article courtesy of IEEE Smartgrid With little prior experience to draw from other energy companies, the Sacramento Municipal Utility District is trying out a wide array of smart grid technologies. The goal is to develop a roadmap for large-scale deployment. Prominent elements include smart metering, time of use and peak pricing, microgrid islanding and...(more)

  • Utility Exec Touts Commitment to Smart Grid, Renewables

    Article courtesy of Susan Story, president and chief executive officer of Southern Company Services says the Georgia-based utility has spent $1 billion on building smart devices and infrastructure to help increase its operating efficiency and it customers’ energy efficiency.  Story discussed the company’s green efforts at the University of...(more)

  • OG&E Smart Hours/ Time of Use Price

    Article courtesy of Ecohoma One of the things I get questioned about in my personal/offline life is OG&E’s “Smart Hours”program. If you aren’t a customer of Oklahoma Gas and Electric, this is their “time of use” pricing program.  I have heard all sorts of interesting, creative theories about time of use pricing, so let me give you the low down. Under time...(more)

  • PJM rides through storm, heat wave; EPB says smart grid minimized outage

    The nation’s largest regional transmission system operator rode through the effects of the derecho storm and weekend heat wave with no difficulty. PJM, which operates the grid that stretches from mid-Atlantic states to the Chicago area said it would keep a hot weather alert in effect for Friday and Saturday. High temperatures were expected to reach 100 degrees...(more)

  • U.S. Department of Energy Releases Recovery Act Smart Grid Progress Report

    The U.S. Department of Energy Recovery Act Smart Grid Progress Report is now available on This report provides background information and the status of the smart grid projects that received funding through the Smart Grid Investment Grant Program. The Smart Grid Investment Grant Program (SGIG) is a $3.4 billion initiative that seeks to accelerate...(more)

  • Pennsylvania’s Large-Scale Pilot Project

    Article courtesy of IEEE Smartgrid The initial focus is on improved distribution management in the area around Harrisburg. Ultimately, monitoring devices and wireless communications will be installed throughout the utility's operating area to improve reliability and efficiency and allow for more flexible and capable management. The U.S. Department of Energy,...(more)

  • Chattanooga: A Small City With A Smarter Grid

    Article courtesy of It’s hard to over-emphasize how antiquated much of the electricity grid is. Electricity companies typically have no idea when parts of the network go down, when customers are without power, or how much electricity they are using. They have to wait for customers to report a fault, and they have to send out expensive staff to...(more)