New DOE Report Captures Industry’s Experience on Smart Grid Customer Engagement

The success of the Smart Grid depends in part on customer taking a more proactive role in managing their energy use. And while customer engagement within the electric power industry is an evolving, ongoing process that is just beginning to emerge, there is a large base of knowledge about smart grid implementation in utilities throughout the United States. In an effort to capture the knowledge that utilities have developed during the initial phase of smart grid technology deployment, U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (DOE OE) convened a Smart Grid Customer Engagement Working Group (Working Group) in November 2012.  The Working Group included utilities, vendors, regulators, consumer advocates, and other industry stakeholders.

Voices of Experience|Insights on Smart Grid Customer Engagement (the guide) is the result of a 9-month effort to compile information through the Working Group on the successful approaches used by utilities to engage customers regarding smart grid technology deployments. The guide provides practical advice in the form of “industry insights” from utilities that have implemented smart grid projects to educate and engage their customers. It is not a road map, how-to guide, or even a handbook. It is simply an effort to capture and share the industry’s knowledge—and “voices of experience.”

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