• Energy Department Develops Tool with Industry to Help Utilities Strengthen Their Cybersecurity Capabilities

    Article reposted from WASHINGTON -- As part of the Obama Administration’s commitment to protecting America’s critical energy infrastructure, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced the release of a new Cybersecurity Self-Evaluation Survey Tool for utilities that will strengthen protection of the nation’s electric grid from...(more)

  • Entergy Enters App World

    Full article at New Orleans, La. – Entergy has been a leader in the utility industry in providing Web transaction services, including My Account, outage and transaction texting, outage maps and mobile Web access. Now, Entergy adds a new tool to its digital communications: The Entergy App for iPhone. Combined with other recently launched...(more)

  • Duke Energy Consumers in Ohio Benefiting from Smart Grid Investments

    Duke Energy has for several years been installing digital smart meters and other equipment to modernize the power grid to improve reliability, increase efficiency and to give customers more control over their energy usage and costs. And our customers are benefiting as the technology has helped reduce the number of estimated bills we send each year by more than...(more)

  • Honeywell gets Smart Grid division

    Article courtesy of Star Tribune  Honeywell's Golden Valley-based Building Solutions unit announced the establishment of separate "smart grid" division Monday that will help utilities and building owners better manage energy demand, save money and solve grid and equipment problems that lead to electrical brownouts. The new stand-alone unit comes as demand...(more)

  • 2 Minute Expert Briefing: Smart Grid Technology

    Article reposted from NRG Expert After reviewing NRG Expert’s latest report on Smart Grid technology and reading about the industry in general, Edgar van der Meer highlights some interesting facts: Top 5 Smart Grid stats* $2 trillion – estimated total investment needed to achieve full smart grid penetration $480 billion - maximum cost of smart grid-...(more)

  • More On Smart Meters

    The smart meter is an essential component to modernizing our energy delivery grid. Its two-way communication ability enables customers and BGE to better understand usage patterns and allows customers to better manage energy use and control costs. Before we installed the first smart meters earlier this month, we communicated to our customers about this new...(more)

  • Critical Infrastructure Communications Policy Summit

    Tuesday, June 19, 2012 Washington Renaissance Hotel Dupont Circle Washington, DC Ensuring a communications network capable of meeting current and future policy and operational goals is becoming increasingly difficult. Technology is trying to catch up with policy mandates and policies are trying to support emerging technologies - all in the hope of getting it...(more)

  • Administration Announces New Tools to Help Consumers

    SANTA CLARA, CA – Today, U.S. Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra joined utility and technology executives in Silicon Valley to announce several new online tools that will allow consumers in California and other states to download their household energy use information and help them save energy and money. Central to today’s announcements, two of California’s...(more)

  • DOE Smart Grid System Report Stakeholder Webinar Series

    Please join us for U.S. Department of  Energy’s Smart Grid System Report (SGSR) Stakeholder Webinar Series January 17 - 20.  The SGSR is a biennial report to Congress designed to provide the current status of smart grid deployment, the prospects for its future, and the obstacles to progress.  This webinar series is designed to update and solicit input from...(more)

  • Department of Energy Announces Funding to Help Consumers Better Manage Their Energy Consumption

    New Funding Opportunity Provides More Knowledge to Consumers about their Energy Use; Could Lead to Lower Energy Bills for Consumers Washington, DC –   As part of the Administration’s commitment to ensuring a clean energy future, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu today announced that up to $8 million in funding will be made available to encourage utilities,...(more)