DOE Smart Grid System Report Stakeholder Webinar Series

Please join us for U.S. Department of  Energy’s Smart Grid System Report (SGSR) Stakeholder Webinar Series January 17 - 20.  The SGSR is a biennial report to Congress designed to provide the current status of smart grid deployment, the prospects for its future, and the obstacles to progress.  This webinar series is designed to update and solicit input from key stakeholders on the metrics and content being considered for the next SGSR to Congress.  

For each SGSR metric, the webinar series will evaluate potential alternative metrics, available data sources, key stakeholders, regional issues, and challenges to smart grid implementation.  Webinar themes and specific topics explored in each webinar are highlighted below. 

Webinar Stakeholder Series Chart

Each webinar is free but requires pre-registration.  To register for SGSR webinars and download background material on the topics addressed in each webinar, visit  Once registered, DOE will follow up at a later date with call-in information and a link to the webinar presentation.  If you have any questions, please email Kathi Ruiz of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory at

I look forward to your participation.

Eric Lightner

Director, Federal Smart Grid Task Force