Title Publication Date Publishing Organization
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Protection Engineer Changes Settings Across A Network December, 2010 Electric Power Research Institute
Discussion of Data for Smart Grid Metric and Benefits: Storage System Performance Supplement November, 2010 U.S. Department of Energy
Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking: In The Matter Of The Proposed Rules Relating To Smart Grid Data Privacy For Electric Utilities November, 2010 Colorado Public Utilities Commission
[r]enewables 24/7 - Infrastructure Needed to Save the Climate November, 2010 Greenpeace international, European Renewable Energy Council
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Smart Power Generation at UCSD November, 2010 University of California, San Diego
Proceedings - PJM Symposium on Demand Response III (Summary) November, 2010 PJM
Real-Time Application of Synchrophasors for Improving Reliability October, 2010 NERC
SmartHouse/SmartGrid: D4.1 Case Study for 1 Million End-Users October, 2010 European Commission
Transient Protection of the Smart Grid: An AC Power Perspective October, 2010 Emerson Network Power
Non-dispatchable Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Changes ISO Forecast and Unit Commitment Decisions October, 2010 California Independent System Operators
Remarks to IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications October, 2010 Executive Office of the President of the United States
West Virginia Smart Grid Implementation Plan - Roadmap Framework October, 2010 National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy
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Assessment of Communication Standards for Smart Appliances: The Home Appliance Industry's Technical Evaluation of Communication Protocols October, 2010 Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers
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