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Smart Grid Technology
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Native Load

The end-use customers that the Load-Serving Entity is obligated to serve.

Net Actual Interchange

The algebraic sum of all metered interchange over all interconnections between two physically Adjacent Balancing Authority Areas.

Net Energy For Load

Net Balancing Authority Area generation, plus energy received from other Balancing Authority Areas, less energy delivered to Balancing Authority Areas through interchange. It includes Balancing Authority Area losses but excludes energy required for storage at energy storage facilities.

Net Interchange Schedule

The algebraic sum of all Interchange Schedules with each Adjacent Balancing Authority.

Net Scheduled Interchange

The algebraic sum of all Interchange Schedules across a given path or between Balancing Authorities for a given period or instant in time.

Network Integration Transmission Service

Service that allows an electric transmission customer to integrate, plan, economically dispatch and regulate its network reserves in a manner comparable to that in which the Transmission Owner serves Native Load customers.

Non-Firm Transmission Service

Transmission service that is reserved on an as-available basis and is subject to curtailment or interruption.

Non-Spinning Reserve

That generating reserve not connected to the system but capable of serving demand within a specified time., Interruptible load that can be removed from the system in a specified time.

Normal Clearing

A protection system operates as designed and the fault is cleared in the time normally expected with proper functioning of the installed protection systems.

Normal Rating

The rating as defined by the equipment owner that specifies the level of electrical loading, usually expressed in megawatts (MW) or other appropriate units that a system, facility, or element can support or withstand through the daily demand cycles without loss of equipment life.