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Smart Grid Technology
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Meter Communications Network

The communications infrastructure that supports two-way delivery of information between smart meters and data collectors or access points. This infrastructure can be wired or wireless, and can be owned by the utility or a third party service provider. This network is sometimes referred to as a "field area network".

Meter Data Analysis System

Software for analyzing meter data for utility business or technical functions. This system would be separate from a Meter Data Management System.

Meter Data Management System

A meter data management system (MDMS) collects and stores meter data from a head-end system and processes that meter data into information that can be used by other utility applications including billing, customer information systems, and outage management systems. The MDMS is a key resource for managing large quantities of meter data.

Microgrid Controller

A device that enables the establishment of a microgrid by controlling distributed energy resources and loads in a predetermined electrical system to maintain acceptable frequency and voltage.


A microgrid is an electrical system that includes multiple loads and distributed energy resources that can be operated in parallel with the broader utility grid or as an electrical island.


Any failure of a Protection System element to operate within the specified time when a fault or abnormal condition occurs within a protection zone. Any operation for a fault not within a zone of protection (other than operation as backup protection for a fault in an adjacent zone that is not cleared within a specified time for protection of that zone). Any unintentional Protection System operation when no fault or other abnormal condition has occurred unrelated to on-site maintenance and testing activity.

Mode Meter

A application that can extract oscillatory mode information from ambient noise.