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Smart Grid Technology
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Limiting Element

The element that is either operating at its appropriate rating, or, would be following the limiting contingency. Thus, the Limiting Element establishes a system limit.

Line Transformer Monitors

Transformer Monitoring Systems monitor different aspects of transformers, including oil levels and multiple temperatures within the transformer. This allows for analysis of the health of either individual key power transformers or multiple power transformers networked in the system. For example, the transformer monitors provide transformer oil dissolved gas analysis (DGA), oil temperature, ambient temperature, and moisture in oil measurements. These measurements are made in relation to transformer load.


An end-use device or customer that receives power from the electric system.

Load Shift Factor

A factor to be applied to a load's expected change in demand to determine the amount of flow contribution that change in demand will impose on an identified transmission facility or monitored Flowgate.

Load-Serving Entity

Secures energy and transmission service (and related Interconnected Operations Services) to serve the electrical demand and energy requirements of its end-use customers.

Loading Monitor

Technology that can measure and communicate line, feeder, and/or device-loading data via a communication network in real- or near real-time.