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Smart Grid Technology
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Implemented Interchange

The state where the Balancing Authority enters the Confirmed Interchange into its Area Control Error equation.

Improved Transmission State Estimation System

The improved Integration of phasor measurement units (PMU) data with state estimators.

In-Home Display

A dedicated display device designed to deliver energy-related information such as energy consumption, pricing, or service messages from a utility or third party energy service provider to a residential customer. These devices may also enable communication of information from customers back to the utility or energy service provider.

Inadvertent Interchange

The difference between the Balancing Authority's Net Actual Interchange and Net Scheduled Interchange. (IA - IS)

Independent Power Producer

Any entity that owns or operates an electricity generating facility that is not included in an electric utility's rate base. This term includes, but is not limited to, cogenerators and small power producers and all other nonutility electricity producers, such as exempt wholesale generators, who sell electricity.

Information Service

Service Provider maintains for transmission access data and that allows all transmission customers to view the data simultaneously.


Energy transfers that cross Balancing Authority boundaries.

Interchange Authority

The responsible entity that authorizes implementation of valid and balanced Interchange Schedules between Balancing Authority Areas, and ensures communication of Interchange information for reliability assessment purposes.

Interchange Distribution Calculator

The mechanism used by Reliability Coordinators in the Eastern Interconnection to calculate the distribution of Interchange Transactions over specific Flowgates. It includes a database of all Interchange Transactions and a matrix of the Distribution Factors for the Eastern Interconnection.

Interchange Schedule

An agreed-upon Interchange Transaction size (megawatts), start and end time, beginning and ending ramp times and rate, and type required for delivery and receipt of power and energy between the Source and Sink Balancing Authorities involved in the transaction.

Interchange Transaction

An agreement to transfer energy from a seller to a buyer that crosses one or more Balancing Authority Area boundaries.

Interchange Transaction Tag Or Tag

The details of an Interchange Transaction required for its physical implementation.

Interconnected Operations Service

A service (exclusive of basic energy and transmission services) that is required to support the reliable operation of interconnected Bulk Electric Systems.


When capitalized, any one of the three major electric system networks in North America: Eastern, Western, and ERCOT.

Interconnection Reliability Operating Limit

A System Operating Limit that, if violated, could lead to instability, uncontrolled separation, or Cascading Outages that adversely impact the reliability of the Bulk Electric System.

Interconnection Reliability Operating Limit Tv

The maximum time that an Interconnection Reliability Operating Limit can be violated before the risk to the interconnection or other Reliability Coordinator Area(s) becomes greater than acceptable. Each Interconnection Reliability Operating Limit's Tv shall be less than or equal to 30 minutes.

Intermediate Balancing Authority

A Balancing Authority Area that has connecting facilities in the Scheduling Path between the Sending Balancing Authority Area and Receiving Balancing Authority Area and operating agreements that establish the conditions for the use of such facilities.

Interruptible Load Or Interruptible Demand

Demand that the end-use customer makes available to its Load-Serving Entity via contract or agreement for curtailment.