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Smart Grid Technology
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Head-End System

A head-end system is hardware and software that receives the stream of meter data brought back to the utility through the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI). Head-end systems may perform a limited amount of data validation before either making the data available for other systems to request or pushing the data out to other systems.

Home Area Network

A communication network within the home of a residential electricity customer that allows transfer of information between electronic devices, including, but not limited to, in-home displays, computers, energy management devices, direct load control devices, distributed energy resources, and smart meters. Home area networks can be wired or wireless.

Host Balancing Authority

A Balancing Authority that confirms and implements Interchange Transactions for a Purchasing Selling Entity that operates generation or serves customers directly within the Balancing Authority's metered boundaries., The Balancing Authority within whose metered boundaries a jointly owned unit is physically located.