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Smart Grid Technology
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Backhaul Communications

The infrastructure used to connect the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) head-end system to the AMI data collectors or access points. Backhaul communications typically utilize fiber-optic cables, high speed wireless connections, or other networks that can handle large amounts of data. Backhaul communications can utilize utility-owned infrastructure or third party communications providers.

Balancing Authority

The responsible entity that integrates resource plans ahead of time, maintains load-interchange-generation balance within a Balancing Authority Area, and supports Interconnection frequency in real time.

Balancing Authority Area

The collection of generation, transmission, and loads within the metered boundaries of the Balancing Authority. The Balancing Authority maintains loadresource balance within this area.

Base Load

The minimum amount of electric power delivered or required over a given period at a constant rate.

Bes Emergency

failure of transmission facilities or generation supply that could adversely affect the reliability of the Bulk Electric System.

Blackstart Capability Plan

A documented procedure for a generating unit or station to go from a shutdown condition to an operating condition delivering electric power without assistance from the electric system. This procedure is only a portion of an overall system restoration plan.

Bulk Electric System

As defined by the Regional Reliability Organization, the electrical generation resources, transmission lines, interconnections with neighboring systems, and associated equipment, generally operated at voltages of 100 kV or higher. Radial transmission facilities serving only load with one transmission source are generally not included in this definition.


Operation of the Bulk Electric System that violates or is expected to violate a System Operating Limit or Interconnection Reliability Operating Limit in the Interconnection, or that violates any other NERC, Regional Reliability Organization, or local operating reliability standards or criteria.