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Voices of Experience

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 spurred investments in smart grid technology and programs at utilities across the country. The Smart Grid Investment Grant program and Smart Grid Demonstration projects that it funded provided unprecedented opportunities to learn from smart grid implementation and grid modernization.

In 2011, the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability (DOE|OE), in partnership with electric utilities that received ARRA funds, convened a series of Regional Peer-to-Peer Workshops. These were designed to bring together utilities to engage in dialogues about the most compelling grid modernization topics in each region. The meetings offered a platform for utilities at all stages of project planning and deployment to share their experiences and learn from each other.

Realizing the benefits of bringing utilities together to share their experiences, DOE|OE initiated a series of topic-specific working groups of utility representatives with the mission to collect the experiences, insights, and lessons learned from implementing specific technology. Each working group participated in a series of discussions and regional meetings where the utilities at the forefront provided valuable insight into the challenges, solutions and lessons learned. These insights and lessons learned were compiled in a series of guidebooks call the "Voices of Experience." The purpose of the Voices of Experience is to share that knowledge with the industry to enable utilities to better prepare for the operational challenges they face in this changing industry.

The Voices of Experience Series

Integrating Intermittent Resources

From Hawaii to New York utilities are preparing their systems for a growing penetration of customer-sited generation. They are testing and adopting new technology designed to provide better visibility and control; collecting and interpreting the increasing amounts of data needed to plan, forecast and model their future systems; and focusing on their customers - listening and responding like never before - plus streamlining their processes to enable faster interconnections with more transparency. In 2016, DOE|OE invited utilities at the forefront of this transition to share their experiences, insights, and lessons learned from integrating intermittent resources.

Advanced Distribution Management Systems

In February 2014 DOE|OE formed the Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) Working Group by assembling a leadership team of representatives from the utility industry with experience implementing this emerging technology. The hope is that their insights and lessons learned will help other utilities overcome or avoid some of the challenges these first adopters identified and be able to deploy their own ADMS successfully and efficiently.

Smart Grid Customer Engagement

DOE|OE convened a Smart Grid Customer Engagement Working Group in November 2012 to capture the knowledge that utilities have developed during the initial phase of smart grid technology deployment. Voices of Experience | Insights on Smart Grid Customer Engagement provides practical advice about educating and engaging customers from utilities that have implemented smart grid projects.


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