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NV Energy: NVEnergize

July 2014
U.S. Department of Energy
NV Energy, SGIG, Nevada, AMI, WECC

NV Energy's NVEnergize project involved deployment of smart meters and communications infrastructure for all residential and commercial customers, as well as a new meter data management system (MDMS), demand response management system (DRMS), and energy management system (EMS). The advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system and MDMS generate and validate data that are delivered to customers via the MyAccount customer portal, enabling customers to better manage their energy consumption and monthly bills. NV Energy initiated a demand response program, 'mPowered', that uses new customer-facing systems, such as programmable communicating thermostats that link to a web interface for remote temperature control. NV Energy also initiated a dynamic pricing trial with time-based rates for a pilot group of residential customers.

The project aimed to increase operational efficiencies that resulted in reduced operations costs, fewer truck rolls, and associated reductions in emissions. The advanced technologies also enhance system operators situational awareness, improving system reliability and allowing NV Energy to respond more efficiently and effectively to resolve emergency and reliability issues. The new customer web portal provides significantly enhanced information to customers, allowing them to make informed decisions about managing their energy use, lowering their energy bills, and reducing their energy-related impact on the environment. Implementation of these new systems and customer tools, combined with NV Energy's demand response activities that optimize assets and manage peak demand, allowed the utility to defer additional infrastructure investments. The dynamic pricing trial will help NV Energy determine the optimal combination of time and price