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NRECA Interim SGIG Project Reports

November 2013
NRECA, Final Report, performance, AMI-Based Load Research, Prepaid Metering, Energy Storage, Demand Response, Costs Benefits of SFS, DCEC DR Capability, Costs Benefits of CVR, Consumer Acceptance, Communications, Case Study, Interim Reports

As part of this project the following types of technology have been deployed: Advance Metering Infrastructure (AMI) - differs from traditional automatic meter reading (AMR) in that it enables two-way communications with the meter. This equipment consists of the smart meters and their connection to a means of communicating back to the electric utility. A smart meter is usually a digital electrical meter that records consumption of electric energy in intervals of an hour or less and communicates that information at least daily, but frequently hourly or even at 15-minute intervals, back to the utility for monitoring and billing purposes.