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City of Ruston, Louisiana - Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Smart Grid Development Program - July 2014

June 2014
U.S. Department of Energy
Ruston, Louisiana, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, AMI, Smart Grid Development Program

The City of Ruston's Smart Grid Investment Grant (SGIG) project implemented advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), a meter data management system (MDMS), and a customer prepay program. The City's customer information system (CIS) was also upgraded to enable the use of AMI data for billing. Distribution automation (DA) improvements included installation of capacitor banks, reclosers, and voltage regulators. The DA project also included the total replacement and modernization of two substations that utilize multi-tap smart grid-enabled transformers. These upgrades will allow the City to implement conservation voltage reduction programs. The AMI and DA networks and applications were blanketed with protection via a newly implemented and robust cybersecurity plan.

The goal of the project was to move Ruston towards increased automation and full interoperability between its various electric system components through improvements to metering, customer systems, and distribution circuits. The project sought to increase operational efficiency and provide customers with tools that enable more informed energy management. Two-way communications infrastructure and automated distribution circuits significantly enhance Ruston's remote monitoring, diagnostic, and troubleshooting capability, improving overall electric service reliability.