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Central Lincoln People’s Utility District

Publication Date: October 2013
Publishing Organization: U.S. Department of Energy
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Smart Grid


Central Lincoln People’s Utility District (Central Lincoln PUD) is deploying advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and distribution automation assets as part of their Smart Grid Team 2020. The AMI project consists of a system-wide deployment of smart meters to its customers as well as a communications infrastructure to gather the smart meter data. The two-way communication provided by the AMI will allow Central Lincoln PUD to deploy direct load control devices and pricing programs in the future and a customer energy management web portal in the near term. In addition to the AMI, Central Lincoln PUD is also upgrading its electric infrastructure with an enhanced SCADA system, installation of an Outage Management System, fiber optic cable, and automated distribution feeder controls, regulators and fault indicators. The enhancements improve power quality, system reliability and system efficiency.